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As is often the case when moving, you may well have considered packing some of the goods yourself. It is assumed that this will keep the cost of your move down, but such self-packing will often prove in the long run to be a false economy. We must take this opportunity to point out several factors that must be considered to your decision to self-pack.

All our packing materials have been designed to be used in the household removal industry. It is a highly specialised industry, and all the materials used have been tried and tested over a considerably long period. You may have a good supply of your own cartons from several sources- the local shops for example. But these have been manufactured to carry specific goods such as soap, powders which are not able to support the weight of books.

During transit and handling these cartons will give way and shed the contents. Add to this the fact that Owner Packed cartons cannot be adequately covered by any insurer and you might begin to see that Mover Packed is the best service. However, if (for whatever reason) you want to pack some of your own goods, then may we recommend that you use our double walled cartons, which we will willingly supply.

Shipping or moving can sometimes result in damage. Handling operations such as loading and unloading can be hazardous for fragile objects that are improperly packaged. Even the shocks and vibrations in moving vehicles can cause problems. To protect your precious objects, it is important that they be packed and cushioned properly prior to transit.

Painting, Pictures & Mirrors

Painting should always be framed prior to packaging. If a painting does not already have a frame, a temporary frame can be built. Packaging for paintings should also provide protection from water and pests. Cardboard containers might be suitable for local moves where moisture or water contact is unlikely. However, for other shipments, a well-constructed and painted container made of 9.5 mm plywood with framing offers better protection.


ARAN International offers a solution for any packaging challenge. We produce crates for specific needs that require this service. All crating is done at out warehouse facility or at your home.

We insure safe delivery of your fragile items occurs across our suburbs or around the world.

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