International Removals

ARAN International Removals provide a global logistical solution to your international move. We are able to do this by using our knowledge to effectively seek the right combination of transportation services to fulfill your individual requirements.

There are two main methods of transport at our disposal:

Air Freight

Air Freight is the quickest form of transport, but the cost is high. Therefore, it is most suitable for small amounts of urgently required items e.g. clothing, office files, baby accessories etc. It is generally unsuitable for furniture or other bulky items. It is occasionally appropriate for larger shipments where there is a good reason not to use sea freight e.g.

  • Where a country is land-locked i.e. the country has no border with the sea
  • For countries where port congestion is a problem for sea shipments

Sea Freight

Sea Freight Sea freight is slower than air freight but it is also cheaper. And therefore, most suitable for carrying the main part of an overseas move. Typically, sea freight shipments are used for the shipment of household furniture and personal effects which are not urgently required at the destination. It is also the most appropriate method of shipment for motor vehicles.

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