Aran international offers a “palletised” storage service, ensuring your goods are both secure and subject to minimum handling for the entire period of storage.

Should you require any household goods or personal effects be held in store, for any period of time, it is important that you choose the proper facilities for a variety of reasons. You may only require that your goods be held for a short period, such as when you are awaiting house transfer, or you may require long-term storage, either way there is a great deal to consider over and above your basic storage costs.

The facility you choose should be clean. This might appear so from photographs shown to you, however a personal visit to the premises will always prove a better guide. We encourage you to inspect our warehouse at your convenience. (As one of the aspects of warehouse cleanliness is vermin control, we must insist that no foodstuffs are amongst your goods).

Warehouse safety is another key area. The points to consider here are not just limited to pilferage or theft. Safety also refers to fire, flood and similar hazards. While our 24-hour security guards, alarm systems and surveillance cameras take care of the first matter, our fire protection and maintenance programme keep the risk of any other natural or accidental hazard effecting or damaging goods minimised. (Thus, it is important to ensure that you do not include any flammable or hazardous items in your belongings).

Insurance for goods in store is an important issue, while we offer a comprehensive insurance cover at a very competitive premium, the validity of this policy depends very much on your co-operation with respect to both value that you declare and the precautions you take (especially if glass or glass-based objects are included). For example, we offer a professional carpentry service to crate and secure your table- tops, paintings etc. However, if these types of goods are consigned to store without adequate & approved protective packaging no claim for damages or breakages would be considered by your insurance for clients requiring long term storage. We offer a “palletised” service, ensuring your goods are both secure and subject to the minimum handling for the entire period of storage. Generally speaking, these pallets are loaded at your residence and will then be sealed until re-delivery is requested by you.

If you require further information in this respect, please contact our office team who will assist you.

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