As approved national and international mover, Aran offer a comprehensive insurance scheme designed to cater for your needs.

Aran will do their utmost to provide the greatest care, protection and attention to your household and personal effects that are being moved locally, nationally or internationally. Event thought we enjoy a first-class reputation with insurers and have one of the best claims records in our market it must be acknowledged that any international removal is exposed to risks.

How should I insure my belongings?

Your household goods should be insured for their full replacement value in the country to which you are moving. It is likely that the cost of repairs as well as replacement will be higher abroad. If you do not insure for full replacement value, you will only be able to recover part of your loss from insurers.

How do I arrange insurance cover?

Aran will provide you with insurance proposal forms which you should complete and return within a minimum of 48 hours of the commencement of the packing. You would need to complete a proposal form for each individual shipment that you have i.e air, sea, store etc.

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